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How to enable inline editing in Salesforce?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Inline editing in Salesforce allows users to edit field values directly from the list view, related list, or detail page without navigating to a separate edit page. This feature can help users to update records and streamline their workflow quickly.

Inline editing also provides an added level of security by allowing administrators control over who has access to edit specific fields. Here we are going to discuss how to enable inline editing in Salesforce with simple and easy steps!

Enabling inline editing in Salesforce

Let’s look at the following steps to enable inline editing in Salesforce so that you can make quick work of your data entry tasks.

Navigate to the Object Manager


To enable it in Salesforce, first login to your account and navigate to Setup > Object Manager > [Object Name]. Once there, click on Search Layout under the Object Management heading. You should now see a list of all the fields associated with the object you’ve chosen.


Look for the “Inline Edit” checkbox next to each field - simply check it off if you want that field to be editable by clicking on it in your record view.


Edit the search layout

Then you have to press the edit button on the search layout. It will bring a search portal to your editing dashboard.


Enable inline editing

For this, you need to go to user interface and check enable inline editing checkbox and enable enhanced lists checkbox. Once you made changes, just save it.

enable inline editing

Test the new layout

To test the new layout, navigate to the object and click the "List View" tab. This will display a list of records for the object. Then, edit your changes and save.

Best practices for using inline editing in Salesforce

Now that you know how to enable inline editing in Salesforce, here are some best practices for using this feature effectively:

Use inline editing for quick updates only

Inline editing is best used for quick updates that can be made without interrupting your workflow. However, for more complex edits, navigating to the record detail page and making changes is still better.

Monitor changes

Since inline editing allows users to make changes quickly and easily, it's important to monitor changes to ensure that data is accurate and up-to-date. Consider setting up alerts or notifications to track changes made through inline editing.

Wrapping up

Now you know better how to enable inline editing in Salesforce. You have a step-by-step action plan to enable inline editing in Salesforce. By following the above simple steps, anyone with access permissions can enable inline editing in their Salesforce environment - allowing them to be more efficient while working within their records! Whether making small changes or more significant adjustments, inline editing will make life easier for all Salesforce users out there!

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