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Connect VS Code with Salesforce

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

If you're a Salesforce developer, one of the most essential tools you'll need is a reliable IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a free, open-source code editor that works seamlessly with Salesforce. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of connecting VS Code to your Salesforce org.


Before we start, ensure you have the following installed:

- **VS Code**: Download and install from [VS Code's official website](

- **Salesforce CLI (Command Line Interface)**: You can download and install it from [Salesforce CLI official website]( Salesforce CLI provides a set of commands that simplify your development process.

- **Salesforce Extension Pack**: This is a collection of extensions provided by Salesforce for VS Code. You can install it directly from the VS Code Extensions view (`Ctrl+Shift+X` or `Cmd+Shift+X` on Mac). Search for "Salesforce Extension Pack" and install it.

Step 1: Log into Salesforce CLI

Open a Terminal or Command Prompt and log into Salesforce CLI by entering the following command:

sfdx auth code

Replace "MyDevOrg" with any alias you'd like to use for your Salesforce org. This will open a new browser window where you can log in to your Salesforce account. Once logged in, close the browser and return to the terminal.

Step 2: Create a Salesforce DX Project

In VS Code, go to the View menu, select Command Palette (`Ctrl+Shift+P` or `Cmd+Shift+P` on Mac), then type "SFDX: Create Project", and press enter.

You will be prompted to choose a template for your project. For most cases, "Standard" will be enough.

Next, you will need to provide a name for your project and select a folder to save it. VS Code will create the project and open it for you.

Step 3: Authorize Your Salesforce Org

Now, we need to connect your Salesforce DX project with your Salesforce org.

Go to the View menu, select Command Palette, then type "SFDX: Authorize an Org" and press enter.

You will be prompted to enter an alias for your org. You can use the same alias as before.

A new browser window will open. Log into your Salesforce account, then return to VS Code.

Step 4: Set Default Org

Finally, you should set your default org.

Go to the View menu, select Command Palette, then type "SFDX: Set a Default Org" and press enter.

Choose the org you just authorized.

Now your VS Code environment is connected to your Salesforce org. You can start developing by creating Apex classes, Visualforce pages, Lightning components, and more.

Step 5: Retrieve and Deploy Source Code

You can retrieve the source code from your Salesforce org by typing "SFDX: Retrieve Source from Org" in the Command Palette.

When you've made changes and want to deploy your code, you can use "SFDX: Deploy Source to Org".

Remember to always check your code into a version control system like Git for better code management.

And that's it! You've successfully connected VS Code with Salesforce.

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