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Using Marketing Automation Experts To Save Time And Resources

Marketing has changed hugely over the past couple of decades. New technologies have made it easier than ever to get a brand name out there and connect with customers in a meaningful way. Fortunately, this also means that companies don’t have to spend a fortune improving their image and reaching out to potential customers. 


Strategies like direct mail marketing have decreased over the past couple of years, to be replaced by digital marketing. New automated processes are now making it even more easy.


What exactly is automated marketing, and why use it?


Automated marketing (also known as marketing automation) involves using software and technology to streamline and automate marketing tasks and processes. Although it might seem like a new process, this strategy has actually been around since the 1990s, although new technologies are making it more effective than in the past. Back then, it mostly involved sending automated email campaigns as companies began using email software to send personalised messages to customers.


Halotech has extensive experience with Salesforce and Marketing Automation platforms, making us ideal for businesses looking to make the most of the latest technologies. 


There are numerous benefits to using our marketing automation experts and CRM software for this process:


  • Save time and resources on routine procedures. By automating repetitive and manual tasks using Salesforce CRM, you can spend more time on what matters most to your business. Tasks you can forget about can include sending emails, managing social media posts, or analysing data. By freeing up your staff from focusing on such routine tasks, you can achieve higher efficiency and productivity.

  • Deliver customised messages and reach your target audience. Halotech can help you reach out to large numbers of customers, improving engagement and conversion rates.

  • Generate more leads and don’t miss any opportunities when they arise. With our software, you can easily send customers the information they need in the most timely manner. You can also build relationships with them much easier and guide them through the sales process with ease. 

  • Improve your customer relationships (CRM) and get more data on how they interact with your business. Halotech can help you track your customer journeys, monitor engagement, and provide a better overall customer experience.

  • Enjoy better data analysis and reporting.  Automated marketing platforms make it much more straightward to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. You can easily track aspects of your business such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue attribution, helping them make data-driven decisions and optimise your marketing efforts.

  • Handle larger volumes of marketing activities with less effort. Whether it's sending thousands of personalised emails or managing social media campaigns across multiple platforms, automation ensures consistency and accuracy in delivering marketing messages.

  • Deliver effective multichannel marketing. Halotech can help you effectively manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, websites, and mobile apps. This multichannel approach helps reach customers wherever they are and ensures consistent messaging across different platforms. 


For more information on our marketing automation services, simply get in touch for more information.

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