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Personalised Solutions From A Trusted Sales Automation Consultancy

Need to improve your sales process in 2023?


Using automation tools and strategies, along with a consultancy to support their implementation, can transform the way you sell your products or services.


Halotech specialises in SalesForce, one of the leading CRM and marketing automation platforms. Our team is always up to date with their latest technologies and best practices, so can help you make the most of everything this system has to offer.


Whether you’re looking to train your staff to use Salesforce, require custom development or marketing automation, we have the skills and experience to help. 


Here are just a few reasons to use our sales automation consultancy services:


For starters, we have an in-depth knowledge of the sales process, and know which automation tools can assist you most. We can provide invaluable insights into best practices, industry trends, and the best ways to implement automation in your sales workflow.


We appreciate that every business is unique.


Our consultancy services always offer a personalised approach, ensuring we analyse your existing processes, identify areas for improvement, and design a unique strategy that aligns with your goals and available resources. 


Learn how to streamline repetitive tasks and processes. 


Sales automation takes away those tedious administrative tasks that most staff don’t enjoy. Instead, your sales team can focus on more valuable activities, whether it’s building relationships with potential clients or closing deals.

Our sales automation consultancy can identify which tasks are best automated, therefore improving your efficiency and productivity.


Get the most out of using Salesforce CRM and Marketing Automation. 


When investing in this software, you want to ensure you reap all its benefits. We can help your staff make the most of all its features, selecting the best tools for your business. Using new automation tools requires training and helping your sales team learn how it all works. Our consultancy is happy to offer training sessions to help you use Salesforce effectively. 


We also speed up the implementation process, helping you start automating those routine tasks much sooner. 


Did you know that automation tools can generate a wealth of data?


Our team at Halotech can help you use this to provide insights into everything from customer behaviour and sales trends to performance metrics. We can also help you make better decisions regarding your sales processes. 


As your business grows, you might find the sales process can become more complex. We can help you alter Salesforce to deal with more leads, customers or transitions. 


Although using a consultancy involves a certain amount of investment, in the long-term your business should improve your sales performance, therefore leading to you generating more income in the long-term. 


Discover more reasons to use our sales automation consultancy. Or simply get in touch for more information.

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